Lido Key Federal Shore Protection Project - Army Corp of Engineers

On April 15, 2015 the Army Corp of Engineers (ACOE) presented their final proposal to the residents of Sarasota.  After further modeling, ACOE has determined that the groin at Ted Sperling South Lido Park is not needed and has reduced the size of the remaining two groins substantially.  They have determined the the project will have minimal environmental impact. Please review:

Here is a webpage with follow-up materials from that ACOE meeting and how to provide written public comments:  All Public comments have to be submitted in writing or by email and will become part of the final documents on this project. All questions  will be answered. LKRA ENCOURAGES YOU TO PROVIDE POSITIVE COMMENTS TO THE ACOE. THE DEADLINE IS MAY 15, 2015.

The City of Sarasota has already begun the permitting process with Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). The process is moving along and it is anticipated will be completed in

the Fall.

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​​​​​Comment Card For Beach Project

The folks from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection
told us that each time they hold an event, they get inundated by
Siesta Key comments and very few from Lido.
They suggested (requested, actually) that more Lido residents
get involved - and either mail the attached comment card, or for
those more electronically inclined simply send an email to: with a copy to
They said every little bit helps.

Letter presented to County Commissioners by Save Lido Beach Committee on March 23.

Lido Key Residents Association

            Help us protect, preserve, and enhance our piece of paradise

​             Lido Key matters!

Plan on attending the County Commissioners Meeting on March 23 @1:30


Sarasota County hired Atkins Coastal Engineering to review the Army Corp of Engineers proposal to re-nourish  Lido Beach and use sand from Big Pass. The report discusses possible risks, but does not go into any details about the severe erosion that is plaguing the shoreline of Lido Key and the dire need for a long term solution. The city has responded to the Atkins Peer Review. Click the links below to review them.                                                                


It is important that as many residents of Lido Key attend this meeting. It is time for Lido Key Residents to speak up and be heard.  We need to paint a vivid picture of the erosion. It is REAL.  Bring your photos and tell your story. Sign up to speak. It is a public meeting. Protect your property.   


Save Lido Beach.

Here is a summary of the Atkins Peer Review.     

Here is a copy of the City of Sarasota’s response.

 This flyer was distributed to several hundred beachgoers on Lido Key over the Memoril Day Weekend, 2017.

This flyer was also placed in the Sarasota Herald Tribune as a half page advertisement in the Sarasota Section on Sunday

May 28, 2017.

For those of you who could not open the link for the beach article, here is a PDF copy. 

The Sarasota Newsleader comes out every Friday morning and has some great articles

about what is going on in the City and County.  Rachel Hackney is an excellent reporter.

It is well worth the price to subscribe.