board members/Committees

President   Carl Shoffstall 
Vice President  Camille Schwabe

Katherine Kussy
Treasurer  Tim Malaney
Director    (Membership) – Heidi Brandt

Director    (Newsletter) – Bruce Abramowitz

Director    Beth Dilworth
​Director    Joyce Waterbury
Director    Jasbir (Jessie) Hayre

Director    Kim McDaniel
Director    (CCNA Rep) - Camille Schwabe

Beach Committee –
Events Committee - Kathy Kussy               
Website – Jasbir (Jessie) Hayre


​Statement ​of purpose

The Lido Key Residents Association (LKRA) seeks to foster community involvement among our residents in order to maintain and enhance the quality of life on Lido Key for all residents and our many visitors.

LKRA objectives are:

  • To act in concert with other groups who share our desire to improve the general welfare of the City of Sarasota
  • To urge the adoption and enforcement of ordinances and regulations that serves our purpose
  • To exchange ideas and information and to sponsor programs and activities that promote our purpose
  • To maintain and enhance Lido Beach and Lido Parks
  • To monitor roads, parks and vegetation to improve the safety and beauty of Lido Key

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Lido Key Residents Association

            Help us protect, preserve, and enhance our piece of paradise

​             Lido Key matters!

Welcome to !

It's a new year, and we have a lot going on this season.  See you at the "2019 Fat Tuesday Jazz Concert",
the VIP "
Save the Beach Soiree", and other upcoming events.

The Lido Key Residents Association (LKRA) was formed in 1972. It is one of the largest Community Associations in Sarasota.  We are members of the CCNA and are well respected by Sarasota County and City Governement for our ability to work together to attain common goals.